AUSTAR provides a comprehensive range of Aseptic solutions that operate under negative and positive pressure HEPA filtered air to protect the operator and product from exposure to potent materials and viable and non viable contaminants.

Delivering innovative solutions that provides reliable product and operator protection learn about our innovative bespoke solutions.

Austar Rigid Stainless Steel Isolators have been designed for handling potent compounds that can offer guaranteed levels of operator protection as low as 10ng/m3 (task duration) whilst maintaining an environment free from viable and non-viable contaminants These include designs for Sterility Testing, sampling, dispensing, sub-division, mixing, milling and vessel charging, as well as containing integrated process devices such as Loading and Unloading of Lyophilizers , blenders, mills, vial filling and Pre Filled Syringes.

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Airflow Management

  • Positive Pressure Cascade (Negative pressure option for toxic products)
  • Turbulent or UDAF

Materials of Construction

  • Design considerations to material compatibility when exposed to Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide.

Fans & Filters

  • As per containment isolators but with design considerations for managing higher air volumes and in some cases temperature & Humidity control

Leak Testing

  • Automated
  • Alarm function and emergency function if VHP leakage is detected


  • Designed taking guidance from EU –GMP Annex 1
  • Option for integrated Bio-Decontamination to give 6Log Reduction
  • Rapid Gassing Airlocks
  • Custom Racking Systems.

Sterility Testing Isolator Workstation (Turbulent Flow).

Loaded Entire Unit fully decontaminated in one hour and 1 minute



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