Pomac Centrifugal Pump CPC
The hygienic centrifugal pump is designed to handle liquids with viscosities up to 300 cP with the liquid producing either positive or negative suction on the pump inlet. It has flow rates up to 300 m3/h with manometric heads up to 13 bar. Pomac hygienic centrifugal pump has been built and tested in accordance with EHEDG standards.

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Pomac Centrifugal Pump CPC

Depending on the product to be pumped the pump can be supplied with:

· closed impeller

· half open impeller

· open impeller

A special-purpose centrifugal pump was developed for sensitive liquids.
This type, CPC WW, displaces the medium without damaging it.
The CPC WW lends itself excellently to the transfer of substances such as curds and liquids containing delicate particles.


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