CTL Condenser

Charles Thompson shell and tube heat exchangers for both on and offshore applications are designed and manufactured at CTL facilities for use in the petrochemical, oil & gas, fine and agro chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, food industries and water treatment plants.

Exchangers can be incorporated into complete packaged systems to reduce on-site installation requirements with significant benefits for both offshore and site shutdown requirements.

Our shell and tube heat exchangers can be manufactured to a maximum of 3m in diameter, with lengths of up to 38m. Individual components weigh up to 120,000kg, with wall thickness of up to 160mm.

Carbon Steel heat exchanger specifications:
· 3m diameter
· 38m length
· 160mm thickness
· 120 tonne weight

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CTL Condenser
CTL provides thermal / mechanical design as well as the engineering and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers to ASME VIII, PD5500, EN 12445 and TEMA standards. This includes complete units, retrofits, re-tubing, cleaning and upgrades.

Recent projects completed by CTL  include units manufactured in titanium grade 12, zirconium 702, tantalum and hastelloy B3, C2000, C22 and C276. Other regularly fabricated products include stainless steel, nickel alloy, duplex, super duplex, 410S clad, Inco 82 clad and alloy 625 clad exchanger.

Serpentine coil exchangers
CTL offers serpentine coil exchangers, which are predominantly manufactured from thin-wll heat exchanger tubes. Thicker pipe schedules have also been utilised bith by cold forming and induction bending technique.

Shell and tube heat exchanger systems
Exchangers can be incorporated into complete packaged systems reduce on-site installation requirements, providing significant benefits for both offshore and site shutdown requirements.

Complete pre-assembled heat exchangers
Working to customers’ piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), CTL can develop complete packaged systems / pre-assembled units, incorporatig structural design, piping stress analysis, isometric design, detailed design, valve and instrumentation supply, pipe stool, vessel column and exchanger fabrication, mechanical assembly, lifting equipment, insulation, heat tracing, controls / electrical installation, testing and commissioning.

Corrosion-resistant alloys and cladding for tubesheets, channel headers, heat exchangers, vessels and piping systems
CTL has vast experience in cladding applications from tubesheet and channel headers to complete heat exchangers, vessels, column and piping systems. Equipment is supplied utilising roll bonded, explosive bonded and especially various weld overlay techniques in which CTL is specialised.
Recent projects completed include alloy 625, alloy 825 and 316L clad vessel for the Harweel Field Development Project. CTL can also offer cladding of indivdual components for machining or fabrication by others, if required.



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