ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series XP
The newly developed ELRO® peristaltic pumps of the XP series provide a high flow rate at low speeds. The large peristaltic hose cross section enables the delivery of media with very high solids content.
The XP series is equipped as standard with the newly developed vacuum system integrated directly into the pump housing. The highly engineered peristaltic pump hoses provide outstanding suction qualities and also provide very long hose service life.

Main areas of application:
· Wastewater Industry
· Chemical Industry
· Environmental Industry
· Construction Industry

Numerous economic and technical advantages result from the new design, such as:
· Extremely high flow rate up to 46m3/hr at constant speed
· Proven compact design
· Safe to run dry
· Integrated vacuum system
· Dry suction lift to 9.5 m
· Delivery of high-viscosity products with vacuum support
· Maximum delivery pressure of 13 bar
· Ideal for fibrous materials and solids up to 60 mm due to large hose diameter
· Standard suction and delivery lines available
· Constant flow rate over the entire service life through vacuum support
· A variety of hose and fluid connection materials are available

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ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series XP
Operation of Series IP

The rotor rotates within the pump housing filled with lubricant and compresses the pumping hose with the sliding shoe. This process generates a hermetic separation between suction and discharge side. Once the second sliding shoe compresses the hose, a completely enclosed pumping chamber is formed. This volume corresponds exactly to half the pump capa­city per rotation. A vacuum is also generated inside the pump housing, supporting the elasticity of the hose allowing restoration to its original full cross-section.

The rotation of the rotor forces the pumped medium inside the hose towards the outlet port on the discharge side. During each opening of the hose a vacuum is created on the suction side ensuring constant suction. It also takes place when the hose is empty giving high suction conditions.

With each rotation the pumping chamber is reformed and the suction capability is renewed.

 Ideal for abrasive, viscose and shear sensitive media
· Gentle pumping of liquid or viscous products
· Constant volume capacity due to vacuum support
· Dry running resistant
· Pumping of media with entrained solids
· Unobstructed fluid flow – easy cleaning
· Free of dynamic and pressure loaded seals
· Infinite regulation of capacity
· High pumping pressures of max. 13 bar / 188 psi for Series IP and XP
· Dry self-priming up to max. 9.5 m / 31 feet lift
· Easy operation and servicing, only one wear item
· Also suitable for explosive environments (Ex-version)


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