ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series M300
The mobile all-purpose pumps with high suction capacity.
· Compact, easy to handle, lightweight
· Transferred medium does not come into contact with the internal pump parts
· Various hose and connection materials available
· Dry self-priming up to 9.5 mWS (374” WC)
· Flow rate 15m3 (3953) or 20 m3(5284)/h (US gal)
· Flexibly applicable due to versatile accessories

Various designs ensure individual, efficient discharge e.g. slurries, contaminated and viscous fluids with any solids, fibers, abrasive media etc. All designs are compact, lightweight and mounted in a carrier frame as standard.

The pumps are optionally available with electric (also EX), gasoline, diesel or hydraulic drive.
Main fields of Application:
· Cleaning of tanks and containers
· Draining of tank routes and shafts
· Disposal of waste oils
· Faeces and paint slurries
· Dewatering with excavations
· On-board pump on tank trucks
· Emergency pump at leakages etc.

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ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series m300
Operation of series M300

The rotor turns inside the tightly fixed separator. Which is held in the pump housing filled with lubricant. The separator divides the housing into two completely enclosed areas. This means during compression of the pumping hose the suction and discharge sides are hermetically separated.

Air from the suction side is pumped over the separator by the turning of the rotor and exhausted outside the pump. This forms a vacuum inside the pump chamber relative to the suction lift, which supports the elasticity of the hose during restoration to its original full cross-section.

Once the second sli­ding shoe compresses the hose, a pumping chamber is formed. This volume corresponds exactly to one-third of the pump capacity per rotation. The rotation of the rotor presses the medium inside the hose towards the outlet on the discharge side. During each opening of the hose a vacuum is created on the suction side ensuring constant suction. It also takes place when the hose is empty giving high suction lift conditions. With each rotation the pumping chamber is reformed and the suction capability is renewed.

 Ideal for abrasive, viscose and shear sensitive media
· Gentle pumping of liquid or viscous products
· Constant volume capacity due to vacuum support
· Dry running resistant
· Pumping of media with entrained solids
· Unobstructed fluid flow – easy cleaning
· Free of dynamic and pressure loaded seals
· Portable units Series M300
· Infinite regulation of capacity
· Dry self-priming up to max. 9.5 m / 31 feet lift
· Easy operation and servicing, only one wear item
· Also suitable for explosive environments (Ex-version)


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