ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series GP & GUP
Disposal Professionals rely on ELRO Pumps for Hazardous Material and disposal systems GP 20/10 Ex and GUP 3-1,5. The number of applications in fighting accidents involving hazardous materials (chemicals, mineral oil products, pesticides and many others) is increasing alarmingly. Therefore, fire departments, technical support, works safety and protection service or the armed forces are increasingly faced with new problems and higher demands placed on personnel and devices.

Fluids that have escaped in an accident endanger human life, animals and the environment. These hazardous materials have to be absorbed fast and completely in safe receptacles. By doing so even the mixing with dirt, grit or foliage not impede the suction or pumping.

The hazardous material pumps GP 20/10 Ex and GUP 3-1,5 are explosion-proof and can be used immediately. They are fast, dry and able to easily transfer solid-containing, viscous or pulpy media. When using the drum disposal self-priming system (accessories), the hazardous material does not come into contact with the actual pump.
Due to the particularly high suction power (by using the special accessories) even residues and thin liquid films are absorbed. The pump’s function is not impaired by possible intake of air.

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ELRO Peristaltic Pumps, Series GP & GUP
Operation of GUP & GP

The rotor turns inside the tightly fixed separator which is held in the pump housing filled with lubricant. The separator divides the housing into two completely enclosed areas. This means during compression of the pumping hose the suction and discharge sides are hermetically separated.

Air from the suction side is pumped over the separator by the turning of the rotor and exhausted outside the pump. This forms a vacuum inside the pump chamber relative to the suction lift, which supports the elasticity of the hose during restoration to its original full cross-section.

Once the second sliding shoe compresses the hose, a pumping chamber is formed. This volume corresponds exactly to one-third of the pump capacity per rotation. The rotation of the rotor presses the medium inside the hose towards the outlet on the discharge side. During each opening of the hose a vacuum is created on the suction side ensuring constant suction. It also takes place when the hose is empty giving high suction lift conditions. With each rotation the pumping chamber is reformed and the suction capability is renewed.

 Ideal for abrasive, viscous media and media harmful to the environment.
· Gentle pumping of liquid and viscous hazardous substances
· Constant volume capacity due to vacuum support
· Dry running resistant
· Pumping of media with entrained solids
· Unobstructed fluid flow & easy cleaning
· Free of dynamic and pressurised seals
· Mobile, easy to transport design
· Two-stage adjustment of the pumping capacity possible
· No additional vacuum equipment required
· Dry self-priming max. 9.5 m lift


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