Downflow Booths

Dispensing booths are available for both large and small-scale operations, they facilitate the weighing from and into a wide range of receptacles, including drums, sacks, kegs, and bags. Thanks to a specially designed airflow system with ultra–high quality filtration, they achieve high levels of operator and product protection, and eliminate problems of cross-contamination.

Warehouse environments, the typical location for raw materials sampling, can provide problems when it comes to product and operator protection. AUSTAR’s self–contained Sampling Booths solve both these problems. They provide a clean environment ensuring operator safety as well as product protection from external contamination.

AUSTAR Charge Booths enable materials to be transferred into IBCs, reactors, drums, or vessels safely and cleanly, without risk of contamination to either operator or product. They facilitate a host of transfer methods, including hand scooping and allowing drums, sacks or large FIBCs to be manipulated easily. In addition to same-floor transfer, Booths also make it possible to transfer product from one floor to another.

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Downflow Booths

  • Available in epoxy coated zintec steel, 304/316L stainless steel or a combination of both
  • Various heights and widths (up to 6m) are available
  • Custom filtration designs with a minimum of fine dust and then Hepa filters in either the technical stack or the ceiling plenum
  • Single pass/once through airflow systems used in applications where solvent vapours are present

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel or epoxy – coated mild steel construction.
  • High efficiency EC fan system
  • Safe change filters
  • Overhead lighting within supply plenum
  • Mobile workbenches
  • Hazardous area electrics option
  • Flush mounted computer integration
  • Front/side access doors
  • PLC controlled audible and visual alarm packages
  • Pallet stop rails
  • Cooling coils and controls
  • Increased internal height
  • Photo sensitive lighting
  • High level exhaust grilles
  • Incorporation of lifting and tipping equipment
  • Materials and personnel airlocks systems
  • Roller conveyors, rapid roller doors and turntables