CRP Sampling, PFA Lined Wafer Style Sampler

The SD IL 400 sampling valve has a PFA lined 316L stainless steel body & spindle. The SD IL 400 sampling device is designed to take a truly representative sample from a process pipeline in a safe controlled manner, without requirements to carry out any pre running of the sampling device.

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CRP Sampling, Metallic Wafer Style Sampler
Our range of inline sampling valves can be supplied with different operator options, spring return levers, handwheels or actuated.

Handle with twin action operation 
To operate the valve the spring loaded handle is pulled to clear the locking ring then pushed downwards to open the valve. The handle assembly contains the same stainless steel spring as the original handle and works in the same way automatically closing the valve upon release of the handle. There is a facility to lock the valve closed with a padlock if required.

The handwheel assembly opens and closes the valve by turning a moulded plastic handwheel very much like a globe valve. The handwheel does not offer the inherent safety features of CRP spring return safety handle and has the potential to be left open by an operator.

Pneumatic actuator 
Where the sample needs to be taken remotely or incorporated into an automated system the inline sampling valve can be fitted with a pneumatic diaphragm actuator.
The actuator assembly comes complete with an integral stroke adjustment screw to still provide the precision sample required. CRP can supply control cabinets with the actuators providing a complete sampling solution.

Typically these are used where an averaged sample needs to be taken across a few hours or days, taking a small sample every hour or so over the period automatically, the amount of samples and duration are fully adjustable.


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