The SD IL TC sampling valve has the same internal spindle and sealing arrangement the SD IL 300 sampler but housed in a flanged body. The body design is very flexible and can be supplied with flanged ends, threaded ends, swagelok ends etc. The sampler allows a representative sample to be taken without any pre runnings etc. The valve is of very robust construction and operated by a spring loaded safety handle.The use of this "dead mans handle" means that the valve is closed as soon as the handle is released.

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CRP Sampling, Metallic Flanged Style Type SD IL TC
The SD IL TC can be supplied in a variety of alloys to suit the process. The spindle is sealed from the atmosphere using a PTFE / Chemraz fluoropolymer stem seal arrangement, having an ‘o’ring energised MSE ring and PTFE bearing with secondary’o’ring seal.

The spindle has a PTFE tip seal housed in a tight fitting radial groove. This spindle tip seal arrangement seals into a tapered seat machined into the body. When the valve is operated the spindle lifts off and away from its seat allowing process media to flow past and into typically a sample bottle. The stroke limit of the spindle is adjustable and should be set when the unit is commissioned to give the correct flow rate. The valve can be supplied to suit either horizontal or vertical pipelines.

On the horizontal valve the dispensing option is mounted directly below the valve.Where the valve is to be mounted in a vertical pipeline, it is fitted with a short connecting tube and elbow to dispense the sample vertically. This is secured to a stainless steel mounting plate.The sample can be dispensed into any of our variety of dispensing assemblies using our modular connection. The dispensing option chosen is based on many factors including a risk assessment for the operator.


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