CRP Sampling, Containment and Safety Cabinet

Where it is imperative to contain fumes or spillages from the sample when being dispensed then CRP can offer safety cabinets to suit. Cabinets are also desirable where there is a possibility of physical damage to the sample bottles such as when located close to walk ways etc. Various options are available to contain the sample and any fumes emitted whilst being dispensed.
As a minimum CRP's standard Stainless steel safety cabinet is manufactured from 3mm thick 316 stainless steel. This provides great mechanical protection for the sample point and offers connections for extraction and spillage capture.

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CRP Sampling, Vessel Sampling Systems – VM 100

Vessel samplers can be supplied with all wetted parts manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. CRP standard range of samplers has a temperature range up to 180 degrees C and pressure up to 10 barg. Outside of this CRP can still readily offer bespoke solutions. CRP vessel mounted sampling systems are varied in their construction and often designed to meet certain specific requirements of the customers existing plant.



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