CRP Sampling, AtoPro Volumetric Samplers

Available in unlined stainless steel and PFA lined ductile iron, the Atopro sampling valve has positive line sealing at all times.


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CRP Sampling, AtoPro Volumetric Samplers
The AtoPro volumetric sampler is a new development by Atomac, the world leaders in lined ball valves. The AtoPro uses a ball ‘cup’ arrangement to take a sample from the process line.

The sampler is available in a DIN body and can be supplied with bolt holes slotted to ASME 150. The sample is taken by turning the lever 180 degrees, the sample falls into the sample bottle without any line pressure acting on the bottle, making it ideal for sampling under vacuum.
The bottle adaptors are supplied with integral vent and like all our sampling valves can be supplied to suit the customers own site standard.

The AtoPro can also be supplied with a special 180 degree operation Norbro actuator for remote operation.
The AtoPro is available in two designs, a PFA lined ductile iron body offering excellent corrosion resistance and an unlined stainless steel version for more general sampling duties.


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