Very Large-scale recirculation sampler project delivered by CPi Technology

CPi Technology recently delivered arguably one of the largest recirculation sampling projects ever commissioned in Ireland and possibly beyond. A massive 30 samplers were designed and built for a large Irish Pharma client, with whom we have been working for many years.

The Recircline is a top mounted vessel recirculation sampling system designed to be sanitary, compact with a high dry suction lift capacity. This is a CPi Technology proprietary product designed exclusively for our customers.  It’s available in a range of different materials of construction, connections, and orientations. It is offered as a complete system including dip pipe, sample and isolation valves, custom fabrication, instrumentation and pump. All systems are built to customer specifications.

This project, which took approximately 9 months, was delivered on time and was both large in scale and complex in design. The specification required multiple types of installations and connections. It also had 2 key requirements in terms of design and build: flexibility and cleanability.

  • Flexibility – ensuring the samplers fit the installation meant a significant amount of work was done on custom designing the samplers to the fit, putting our team of Design Engineers to the test.
  • Cleanability – designed with a sanitary specification to ensure cleanability to meet our customers’ need.

With bespoke projects such as this, our team really enjoy the opportunity to showcase their design capabilities and engineering expertise to deliver a high-quality sampling system for our customers. Some of the challenges included:

  • variation of installation
  • multiple vessels
  • different materials of construction
  • numerous client connections
  • vessel constraints

Rising to the challenge of designing, building, and delivering the best bespoke solution to our clients is what drives us. Being part of the biggest sampling project ever undertaken by the company, and possibly by any manufacturer, is something our team is very proud of.

The images below show our final products, along with our design drawings and a selection of the samplers during an inspection.

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