Reactor Sampling System

The Recircline is a top mounted recirculation sampling system designed to be sanitary, compact and a high dry suction lift capacity. It’s available in a range of different materials of construction and orientations as a complete system including dip pipe sample valves, custom fabrication instrumentation, climate connections and pump.

This compact design addresses the typical space constraints on a reactor head. Features include:

  • Multi-port design for PAT technology integration, N2 and CIP blowdown
  • Ultra clean system incorporating Diaphragm Valves and Slimline Pump
  • High priming up to 5M dry lift
  • Excellent solids handling capability
  • Dip pipe stress analysis provided as part of design package

CPi Technology provides turnkey reactor sampling solutions covering application assessment, detail design and 3D modelling through to on-site services and commissioning. Please contact us for any requirements you may have.

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