CRP Sampling, Volumetric Sampling Valve

The volumetric range of sampling valves provides safe sampling of toxic or highly corrosive media without interruption of process flow. These sampling valves can be manually operated or automatically operated for convenience or safety.

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CRP Sampling, Volumetric Sampling Valve
The valve is fully lined to all wetted surfaces in PFA fluoropolymer. The PFA is locked into the ductile iron body with T slots to provide excellent operation in processes under vacuum.

The valve has a PFA lined ductile iron ball. The ball is sealed very much like a standard ball with PTFE seats. However, the ball is unique in the volumetric sampler because it only has one open port, it is not a through bore like a ball valve. This means that a volume of sample equivalent to the ball size can be captured from the process line and isolated.

The operation of the valve is by turning the operating lever through 180 degrees. As the handle is rotated the sample is captured in the ball, and discharged into the bottle adaptor. The process is always isolated from the atmosphere making it ideal for vacuum applications. Because of the fixed volume nature of the valve only a small volume can be sampled at any one turn of the handle making it fail safe in overfilling the bottle. If more volume of sample is required then the handle can be turned through 180 degrees more than once until the required volume of sample is obtained.

The APN/SG as standard has a borosilicate window built in for visual monitoring of the process stream . However the valve can be supplied without the window if required as an option. As with all products within our sampling range the APN/SG can be supplied with safety cabinets to catch spillage and enclose fumes.


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