CRP Sampling, Surface Mount Sampler

CRP have developed a new type of sampling valve which can be bolted on to the side or bottom of a vessel or large pipeline -the Surface Mount Valve. To take samples from a vessel the valve is bolted to a pad flange on the  side of a vessel. It is a very adaptable design and can be supplied with many different types of mounting connections, flanged / screwed / tri-clamp etc.

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CRP Sampling, Surface Mount Sampler
The sampler shown on the right has a quick release tri-clamp connection. The sampler can be adapted to mount both horizontally and vertically. It has a ‘dead leg free design’ and a unique dead mans handle preventing accidental operation. Like all our range of sample valves many options are available to customise the sampler to suit the customers requirements. Rated to 19 barg at 200 degrees C 316 stainless steel construction.

The picture below shows a surface mounted sampler manufactured especially to mount to an ASME 150 flange in the base of a vessel. The sampler is designed to protrude within the vessel through the crust settled in the bottom to ensure a representative sample. The vessel connection is a 2″NB ASME 150 flange with the sample being dispensed into a 1/2″ tube with quick release triclamp connection

The valve has Fail safe lockable ‘dead mans’ handle and offers  minimum product hold up giving representative sampling.


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