Aseptic Single Use Powder Transfer Bag - ChargeBag® PE-SBV

The ChargeBag® PE-SBV is a single use, cost effective container with integrated single use Split Butterfly Valve (SBV) containment interface for the safe handling, storage and transfer of pharmaceutical powder ingredients between process steps or even facilities.

Note, the ChargeBag PE-SBV is ChargeBag with welded SUP whereas the ChargeBag PE-S is ChargeBag with tri-clamp connection.

As the Passive mating half of the ChargePoint SBV system, the ChargePoint® SUP (Single Use Passive) delivers outstanding containment and sterility assurance performance whilst eliminating the time and cost associated with cleaning, maintenance and validation.

Features & Benefits Reduce costs and control risks
Reduce cross contamination, time and expense associated with cleaning and validation with a single use container

Easy to integrate
A HDPE reinforced handle for manual handling and safe for connection to lifting hoists Standard tri-clamp connection provides extensive compatibility with existing systems

Maximise powder recovery
Optimal funnel shape and electrically dissipative film maximises powder flow, speed and ultimately recovery

Comprehensively qualified
Pressure tested to verify the integrity of each bag Highly compliant; Rigorously tested to the most up to date standards

Built for aseptic processing
Manufactured with high levels of quality control within an ISO6 cleanroom environment can be supplied gamma sterilised ready to use in aseptic and other GMP or bioburden-controlled processes. Passive SBV provides aseptic connection for direct transfer to process.

Safety for personnel and product
Offers high levels of dust containment and sterility assurance performance as part of the ChargePoint SBV system

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ChargeBag® PE-S | PE-SBV
ChargeBag® is a cost effective and convenient single use container for the
handling, storage and transfer of bio-pharmaceutical powders.

  • Manufactured from HiPure ULP7, a proprietary LLDPE film from ChargePoint
    Technology, with extremely high levels of integrity with optimised purity.
  • The statically dissipative film means ChargeBag® is also suited for use in hazardous
  • 100% pressure tested to verify the integrity of each bag.
  • Manufactured within an ISO6 cleanroom for high levels of quality control, can be
    gamma sterilised ready to use in aseptic processes


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