AMAL LEF, LE Version End of Line Flame Arrester

An end of line flame arrester is used for flames with sub-sonic speeds and is fitted with one pipe connection only. The 1:1 inlet to element ratio design makes the LEF ideal for low cost & low pressure drop applications.

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AMAL LEF, LE Version End of Line Flame Arrester
Where should a Flame Arrester be used

Wherever flammable liquids are stored or flammable gases/vapours transported, a flame arrester should be used to ensure that in the event of those materials igniting, damage to plant is minimised and threats to life are eliminated. For example burners, incinerators, thermal oxidisers and flares all have permanent sources of ignition and therefore should be fitted with a flame arrester. Storage tanks and mixing vessels that contain flammable liquids have vent pipes and a potential ignition source e.g. lightning or external flame which could cause an explosion. Solution – fit an Amal flame arrester.


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