High Containment Powder transfer project using Split Butterfly Valves (SBV) Technology

CPi Technology recently completed of a large-scale Tabletting Pharma Split Butterfly Valve (SBV) Project delivering high containment transfer and WIP solutions with DN100 and DN200 Valves.

This project involved a significant team effort and detailed project engineering between CPi Technology and our client. The project took in total 7 months to complete with phased partial deliveries for 3rd party integration.

The engineering specification of integrating Split Butterfly Valve technology including actives, passives, and ancillary equipment including automation with multiple processes required innovative designs.

The overall solution delivered multiple custom equipment types including:

  • Fully Actuated DN200 Active SBV with compensator to offload from Tablet Dosing solution
  • Fully Actuated DN200 Active with compensator for Tablet coater BIN Charging
  • BIN Washing and Active WIP
  • Two DN100 actuated raise lower Active SBV’s to better distribute tablets and maximise offload capacity to an IBC.

See the images below taken during FAT activities on-site at CPi Technology with support from our containment partner, ChargePoint Technology.

Another great project from the team displaying our expertise and capabilities in high containment.

For more information, please email us – info@cpitechnology.com