7 Glycol Pumping Skids Successfully Delivered

A couple of months ago we showed you some behind-the-scenes shots of a set of Glycol Pumping Skids being fabricated and subsequently delivered to a large Pharma client. The job was a work in progress at that time and work continued over the past few months to complete the project.

We are delighted to be able to now show you the finished product that we have successfully delivered to our customer. A total of 7 Glycol Pumping Skids were manufactured, creating an impressive-looking Skid System and something we are very proud of.

This project was completed under very tight deadlines and involved skid design, build, sub-supplier management, and project management by the CPi Technology team here in Little Island. We worked with an Expedited Design Process hand in hand with the contractor to meet the first phase of client deliverables. The scale was significantly bigger than previous builds, and our Engineering Team certainly rose to this challenge. The skids heat and cool reactor vessels used in the manufacture of our client’s ground-breaking medicine. Delivering on these additional Skids brings the project to a close and the end product, in our opinion, look fantastic.

Some specifications:
Design Temperature: -20°C to 150°C
Design Pressure: FV (Full Vacuum) to 150 PSIG
Flowrates: Up to 45 m3 per Hour

CPi Technology specialises in the design, build, and delivery of customised utility and process skid systems for the complex & regulated process industry sectors.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Pharma Tech experts on your Utility & Process Engineered Skid Systems requirements via Info@cpitechnology.com