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Zeta Upstream Processing
supply tailored bioreactors to customers for both cell culturing and bacterial fermentation processes. The process control of plants can optionally occur in a batch or fed batch procedure or in continual drive.

  • Laboratory systems
  • Pilot plants
  • Production plants

Zeta Upstream Processing
Well-engineered process solutions which are adapted to customer requirements in conjunction with the use of high-quality components lead to fermentation plants which are qualitatively exacting and meet all requirements of biotechnological manufacturers.

  • Long-term sterility
  • Precise temperature control
  • Freedom from dead spots
  • Optimum oxygen transfer rates and cell densities

In addition to conventional stainless steel plants, Zeta also supply disposable bioreactor systems or, if necessary, a combination of both execution variants (hybrid systems).
Agitator technology as a quality-relevant process step is part of Zeta's competency and product portfolio. Using advanced CFD simulations, the process control is accordingly adapted to requirements as early as the concept-design phase.
Zeta enable optimum cleaning and sterilisation by individual CIP/SIP strategies.
The evolution automation system can be specially attuned to the fermentation processes and offers the user all necessary functions for the recording and documentation of all steps and parameters relevant to the process. The system is scalable from simple process visualisation and regulatory functions to fully automated process control with a batch management system and recording in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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