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MILTON ROY, Primeroy
During the development of the PRIMEROY dosing pump, our R&D engineers performed a comparative study of the advantages and disadvantages of the various existing concepts. The following points (besides aspects relating to standards and regulations) were taken into account:
- Cost
- Compactness
- Weight
- Number of parts
- Footprint
- Painted surface
- Oil volumes
- Transmissible power.

Our eco-design initiative culminated in the 2007 launch of the PRIMEROY, a dosing pump with incontestable environmental benefits (*):
· Raw materials: 40% reduction in energy consumption and 160 kg CO2 equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per pump, and 37% reduction in impact on human toxicity
· Transport: it is difficult to put a figure on this due to the wide variety of destinations, but there is a definite impact due to a 43% weight reduction and 46% volume reduction
· Consumables (oil): over the 20-year service life of the pump, the user will use half as much oil, a saving of around 500 litres per pump
· Recycling: the PRIMEROY® is approximately 95% recyclable by weight (no glued parts) and has almost 30% less painted surface area
(*) Data calculated by comparison with MILROYAL® B dosing pumps
Although eco-design is a new initiative, these few figures show just how relevant it is; and, while protecting the planet, there are economic benefits for the manufacturer and user.

The PRIMEROY is based on a brand new device, the diaphragm GSD (Global security device – patent pending) what provides:
· Smaller total pump footprint (up to 75% less floor space)
· Enhanced robustness
· A triple hydraulic security
~ Internal pressure safety valve
~ Diaphragm controlled hydraulic oil refill
~ Protection valve preventing from diaphragm overrunning and extrusion
· Display of any discrepancy in the dosing process thanks to the IMI system (Installation Monitoring Indicator)
· Contour plate-free technology allows for dosing of all types of fluid (clear, corrosive, toxic, volatile, abrasive, flammable, and above all slurries or viscous liquids)
· No risk of oil mixing (hydraulic and mechanical) as only one oil type is needed for the liquid end and mechanical parts

MILTON ROY, Primeroy
Technical Characteristics

· Maximum flow rate: 3,300 l/h
· Maximum pressure: 45 bar
· Maximum process temperature: +75 °C
· Preformed unrolling diaphragm (avoiding any elongation or creep of the PTFE) ensures diaphragm service life in excess of 20,000 hours
· Available liquid ends: metallic (316L stainless steel) or plastic
· Continuous diaphragm position control
· Diaphragm with integrated o-ring for ease of maintenance
· Diaphragm fitted with mechanical stop safety system
· Same oil used for liquid end and drive
· Permanent oil filtering
· Internal safety valve with integrated air bleed, patented. Adjustable pressure setting
· Mechanical oil compensation system
· Large suction capacity: up to 8 m water
· API 675 compliant
· In accordance with ATEX CE EX II 2 G/D c T3 or T4 on request

Performance (maximum flow rate in standard simplex version)

316L stainless steel liquid end with PTFE diaphragm PVC liquid end with PTFE diaphragm
Max. flow rate Max. pressure Max. flow rate Max. pressure
PRIMEROY® K 2,500 l/h 37 bar 2,500 l/h 10 bar
PRIMEROY® L 3,300 l/h 45 bar 2,657 l/h 10 bar

Possible options
· Materials compliant with offshore use of the pump
· Sandstorm protection
· Motor for frequency variation, NEMA mounting, explosion-proof, for specific ambient temperatures
· Liquid end materials on request
· Screwed or flanged connectors (ANSI, DIN or ISO)
· Special valves for any type of fluid (including concentrated sulphuric acid)
· Electronic or pneumatic actuators
· Frequency variation
· Possibility of duplexing (without power derating) for reduced footprint
· Can be integrated in a chemical injection package

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