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MILTON ROY, Electronmagnetic Dosing Pumps LMI C
The DSD Technology is another way of designing metering: a robust and simple system based on a Dynamic Stiffness Diaphragm. Thanks to its mechanical characteristics, the diaphragm does not touch the front side of the liquid end that means important benefits for customers:~
- High suction lift,
- No hydraulic cavitation,
- Little risk of diaphragm breakages.
In addition to its simplicity, this liquid end combines the advantages of the plunger design (pressure capacities, reduced costs) with the leakproof of a diaphragm design. The DSD Technology has been granted by 2 international patents.

Firstly launched in 2012, on the industrial pumps MILROYAL D, the DSD Technology is now available on the electromagnetic pumps LMI, series C. By simplifying a liquid end initially dedicated to the oil & gas industry requirements, Milton Roy has kept the API 675 structure even if an electromagnetic pump can't be API 675 compliant. It's the first time that a hydraulic actuated diaphragm liquid end is available with an electromagnetic drive. It is usually fitted with a mechanically actuated diaphragm or a plunger liquid end.


  • Injection at very low flow rates: from 0.009 ml/h
  • Flow rate accuracy: designed according to the API 675, dead volumes reduced as possible
  • EHS friendly design: injection of highly concentrated chemicals (REACH regulation), local suppliers mainly used
  • Dosing of high viscosity products: up to 1,350 cP (thanks to special XV liquid end)
  • No cavitation: a diaphragm that does not touch the front side of the liquid end


  • Safety: fully leakproof liquid end, unbreakable rigid diaphragm in PEEK
  • Pressure capacities: 50 bar max. in stainless steel, 25 bar max. in PVC
  • Easy to use: 6 mWC suction head (primed pump), compact footprint (11.5 cm floor-mounted, 12 kg)
  • 4-function hydraulic compensation system: continous air bleed, refill valve, visual oil level indication, oil tank
  • 3 control modes: manual, pulses, 4-20 mA + programmable options
  • Wide injection range: stroke length from 1 sph to 100 spm (according model) and stroke speed from 10 to 100 %


  • Diaphragm service life > 25,000 hours: rigid and unbreakable diaphragm in PEEK
  • No cavitation: high number of operational cycles and stops to production are limited
  • 4-function hydraulic compensation system: one assembly, easy to identify and dismantle
  • Reduced costs: long service life diaphragm, few componants in the liquid end design, 8 ml of hydraulic oil
  • Pressure adjustable on 6 levels (C7 and C9 series): reduction of pulsations, attenuation of pump noise and optimization of the service life of the mechanical elements

MILTON ROY, Electronmagnetic Dosing Pumps LMI C
Main Technical Features

  • Available liquid ends: PVC, stainless steel, design for viscous products (stainless steel - up to 1,350 cP)
  • Maximum flow rate: 2.14 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 50 bar max. with stainless steel liquid end / 25 bar max. with PVC liquid end 
  • Accuracy: ± 2% over a range of 10 to 100% of the nominal flow rate 
  • Linear stroke frequency adjustment: while running or stopped. C1 series: from 1 to 100 spm, C7 series: from 5 to 100 spm, C9 series: from 1 sph to 100 spm
  • Linear stroke length adjustment: from 10% to 100% recommended
  • Thrust: 400 N
  • Temperatures of pumped fluids: stainless steel liquid ends: -5 °C to +50 °C as standard / PVC liquid end: +10 °C to +50 °C
  • Maxium ambient temperature: +50 °C
  • Protection: IP65
  • Maximum viscosity: standard liquid ends: 45 cP / XV liquid end for viscous products: 1,350 cP
  • Suction lift: 6 mWC primed
  • Minimum discharge pressure: 2 bar
  • Valves: double valve and double ball as standard


3 different control modes are available, enabling you to find the model that meets your exact requirements.

Mode 1: adjustable dosing

  • Flow rate variation from 1 to 100%
  • Stroke frequency and stroke length manually adjustable
  • This operating mode allows for a larger flow rate with a reduced cost

 Mode 7: automated dosing

  • Stroke frequency and stroke length manually adjustable
  • Pump stroke frequency varies automatically with the main flow rate. Control via dry contact or open collector originating from a water meter or pulse generator. Optional adapters MICROPACE - multiply, divide, convertor 4-20 mA - can be used to adapt the pump to different control modes
  • Optional low level safety device to prevent loss of priming
  • Electronically adjustable power control

Mode 9: microprocessor programmed dosing

  • Manually adjustable stroke length and frequency from 1 to 6,000 stroke per hour
  • Remote start/stop, proportional pulse control, integrated multiplier and divider, configurable 4-20 mA signal control, pulse copying, alarm display 
  • Optional low level alarm and self-monitoring flow system
  • Electronically adjustable power control

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