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Milton Roy, Dosaskid
Milton Roy Dosaskid
Turnkey solutions ensure an installation, decrease operations (administrative and operational) and also reduce supplier list.
DosaSkid® successfully addresses these challenges and brings real added value to dosing pumps. With its expertise in the design of dosing pumps and experience in building chemical injection packages, Milton Roy Europe has developed the DosaSkid®, a "plug and play" metering device which is ideal for preparing, storing and injecting chemical solutions.
The modules (dosing and storage of fluids) are stand alone and can be assembled as necessary. Adjustable, flexible and offering a minimal footprint, DosaSkid® are available:
•with a 316L stainless steel or C-PVC tubing
•with or without storage tank (316L stainless steel or HDPE; from 60 up to 1,500 litres)
•with a range of additional accessories.

Milton Roy configurator allows, with only few mouse clicks, to build the right dosing solution to fit your technical and commercial parameter. All the documents are automatically generated and they may from then on be updated to meet additional requirements.

Features and Benefits
• Easy and fast installation: only the hydraulic and electrical connections need to be made
• Modularity: 1, 2 or 3 dosing modules with or without tank; accumulation of DosaSkid® units possible; 2 piping and tank materials available
• Process adaptability: interchangeable pumps for easy adaptation to process changes
• Reliability and Safety:  trade practices and NPSH respected; risks associated with piping connection errors avoided; metering equipment and piping protected
• Simple, rapid maintenance: easy access to components; modules 95 % identical
• A single supplier ensures proper installation operation: time savings (design, diagrams, negotiation, administrative operations), costs controlled
• Recognised know-how: pumps and accessories included in lists of approved suppliers to the largest companies
• Compact
• ATEX zone 2 upon request

Non-Ireland Based enquiries: To find an authorised Milton Roy representative allocated to your country please utilise the following link to assist you.

Milton Roy, Dosaskid
Technical Features

Dosing module
• Tubing: 316L stainless steel or C-PVC
• Connections and tubing: OD 1/2''
• Suction line comprising for each pump: 1 isolating valve, 1 Y-filter and 1 battery limit inlet connection
• Suction connection: connection of the suction line of the modules
• Discharge line comprising for each pump: 1 safety valve, 1 isolating valve, 1 pulsation dampener, 1 manometer with manifold and 1 back-pressure valve if required by the service pressure
• Accessories: characteristics determined based on the application

Recommended dosing pumps
• Flow rate: up to 400 l/h (standard)
• Maximum permissible pressure: up to 64 barg (standard) for 316L S.S. version / up to 8 barg for C-PVC version
• Electric motor-driven pumps: G™M (mechanically actuated diaphragm), mROY XA and XB (hydraulically actuated diaphragm) and MILROYAL D (plunger or hydraulically actuated diaphragm)
• Liquid ends (according to models) : 316L S.S., PVC, PVDF, PP, slurries. Other materials upon request
• Installation of frequency inverters and actuators possible  
Storage tank module with inspection hatch 316L S.S.
• 4 sizes: 200, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 litres
• Tubing: 316L stainless steel
• Filling: Ø 1'' NPT
• Drain: Ø 1/2'' NPT female with isolating valve
• Tank with sight flow indicator

• 5 sizes: 60, 120, 250, 500 and 1,000 litres
• Tubing: 316L stainless steel or C-PVC
• Excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, treated for UV protection
• Moulded graduation scale up to 500 litres
• Filling: Ø 140 mm for 60 to 500-litre tanks / 185 mm for 1,000-litre tank
• Drain: Ø 1/2'' Gas female
• Max. temperature: +60°C (precaution for corrosive products)

• Suitable for use in explosive atmosphere area: ATEX zone 2 (gas)
• Other configurations upon request

Options for dosing module:
• Drip pan: for the safety of the environment and users
• Back pressure valve (standard if pressure < 5 bar): siphoning prevention
• Calibration pot: precise pump calibration according to real operating conditions
• ON/OFF control box with emergency stop per pump module: simplified control
• Flange connections: perfect adaptation within the installation

Options for storange tank module:
• High speed electric mixer: homogenisation, dissolving, preparation of reagents, neutralisation
• ON/OFF control box with emergency stop for mixer: simplified control
• Level detector (low and high) : optimum flow management, securing of the process
• Connection to dosing module: turnkey solution

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