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CRP Sampling, Containment and Safety Cabinet
Where it is imperative to contain fumes or spillages from the sample when being dispensed then CRP can offer safety cabinets to suit. Cabinets are also desirable where there is a possibility of physical damage to the sample bottles such as when located close to walk ways etc. Various options are available to contain the sample and any fumes emitted whilst being dispensed.
As a minimum CRP's standard Stainless steel safety cabinet is manufactured from 3mm thick 316 stainless steel. This provides great mechanical protection for the sample point and offers connections for extraction and spillage capture.


CRP Sampling, Containment and Safety Cabinet
The cabinet comes with the following key features:  

  • 1" ASME 150 flange connection in side supplied fitted with blank flange for connection to customers extraction system if required
  • 1/2" BSP drain connection in base fitted with stainless steel plug
  • Perforated stainless steel base plate within cabinet with spillage containment
  • Hinged windowed door which can be easily opened and closed with a single gloved hand
  • Wired safety glass window in door
  • Able to be mounted in any rotational alignment to sampling valve for easy mounting on site

The design purposely does not use seals around the door, this allows fresh clean air to be drawn from the atmosphere and down the vent extraction line drawing any fumes from the sample with it.

Safety Cabinet Options

CRP can offer a range of options on safety cabinets to suit the customer's exact requirements.

Common options available include:

  • Fluoropolymer Lined stainless steel
  • Cabinets manufactured from glass fibre epoxy reinforced polypropylene
  • Cabinets supplied with tundish ends with drains terminating in flange connections for hard piping into effluent drains
  • Oversized cabinets to hold additional equipment or to protect large sample bottles
  • Larger size extraction flanges, extraction flanges mounted in rear of cabinet
  • Glove ports in cabinet walls

High Specification Containment

In the pharmaceutical industry there is a continuing demand for high product containment where the whole sample dispenser/bottle/container etc requires to be containe within an environmental safety cabinet.

These specialist containment cabinets are designed to suit specific allowable levels of OEL (Occupational exposure level). CRP are able take the customers specification and working closely with the country's leading advanced containment system supplier design and supply complete sampling systems to comply with these stringent requirements. Whislt keeping costs down by still interfacing with our standard type of sampling equipment.

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