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Dust / product gas filtration

Professional fabrication of filter-tubes, filter-pockets and filter-bags for dust removal or product recovery in dryers. Filter elements for all types of dust filters, regardless of their mode of construction and cleaning.

Filter tubes and elements for all areas of industrial solid / gas-filtration

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, casting and steel works, Incineration plants, lime industry, wood industry, power generation etc. 



Contecma have the following ranges ans solutions

  • All types of support baskets
  • All types of filter tubes
  • Filter tubes in sewing and welding technology
  • Casting and steel works
  • Sealing of seams with PTFE-band
  • Slices with circle of holes for powder transport systems; mainly made from PTFE-laminated needle felts
  • Customized fabrication of tube-/ bag-/ pocket-filters made of synthetic cloths and needle felts or PTFE-laminated needle felts
  • Filter-design taking into account the specific dust-filter construction and mode of cleaning
  • Strengthening of cloths as protection against specific mechanical wear (double strengthening of tube-filter-bottom; double strengthening of upper tube-filter-section)
  • Stable, triple longitudinal seams or completely welded seams; hook and loop connection or inserting seam for the various filter applications
  • Fabrication of all types of tube-filter-fastening (Integrated O-ring; Snap-ring roll; double roll with metal-ring; tube-clamp)
  • Use of high quality cloths and needle-felts in the materials PP, PE, PA, AC, PVC, Aramid, PPS, PI, PTFE etc.
  • All kind of additional surface and chemical finish are available (Siliconisation, Wool effect, Hydrophobic and oleo phobic finish, antibacterial finish, flame retardant finish, antistatic finish)

Filter-Tube design:

All types of tube-filters

All types of supporting baskets 


Complete pocket-filter-elements

Filter tubes for thermal dryers

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