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AERRE INOX Tank Bottom Aseptic Valve that are suitable for direct installation in tanks and reactors used for food or pharmaceutical processing guarantees complete drainability with zero dead leg. Available in two version : FLANGED, with removable valve body and BUTT-WELD directly welded to tank bottom. Manual or pneumatic, available size from ¾” to 2” in AISI 316L with silicone diaphragms FDA compliance.
Each version of the aseptic valve offered online is designed and developed to respond effectively to the needs of quality and reliability in every single area in which its use is required, needs which Aerre Inox can meet optimally thanks to the long experience and high standard of professionalism in the production of aseptic valves.

AERRE INOX Tank Bottom Aseptic Valve
VA VFA 10°  Tank Bottom Valves
Design temperature, valve body: -80°C to 200°C (-112°F to 392°F)
Design pressure, valve body: -1 bar to 10 bar (-14,5 psi to 101,5 psi)
The valve body are designed according to PED Directive 97/23/EC for Europe, ASME VIII Div.2 for US and F.E.M. (Finite Element Method) calculated, approved and certified by notified body.
Flow rate
In order to design valves for a process system correctly, the valve size is determined by the required flow rate.
The Kv-value serves as a calculation basis for the different process conditions.
The Kv-value is a parameter defining the flow rate of valves.
It describes the amount of water from 5° to 25°C which flows through the valve at a pressure loss of 1 bar when the valve is 100% open
For the correct Kv to Cv conversion calculation, use only the stated units formulas above. The Kv-value must be converted from (cubic meter/hour). In the US the flow rate of water is measured with the Cv-value in US-gallons per minute (gpm) with a pressure drop of 1 PSI.

Flush Washing Valve
Application :

The VFA-WASHING type flush washing, is a sanitary valve designed to reinforce the hygiene of process tanks equipped with traditional agitation systems or magnetic mixers.
Extremely clean design of valve, guarantee it’s full drainability avoid possible product stagnation and “dead leg” permit a large number of application in the food, chemical,cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology process where the more restrictive norms must be respected.
Flanged Body Removable
The new Tank Bottom valves “flush wall execution” with TFM 1600 PTFE below diaphragm for to solve all your problems with high viscosity products. Radial seated diaphragm valve with unique O-Ring seal design minimizes bacteria traps and eliminates possibility of fluid retention
Advantages :
• Welding plate with radius or bigger different thickness, special adaptors plate
• Flush wall execution, no dead leg
• Sterilizable – Autoclavable
• High temperature and pressure resistant
• Full material traceability

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